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Visiting Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands for your vacation is one of the best vacation destination decisions you may ever make. The Aitutaki lagoon is as idyllic a place as you will ever find; many poets and writers have spun thousands of lines describing its wonders and beauty. Matriki was built on the foundation that all people should be able to enjoy this splendor without the high costs associated with such remote travel. Aitutaki lagoon offers snorkeling, diving,

fishing, whale watching, picnicking on beautiful beaches, sailing, kayaking, and much more. While snorkeling, you can view a myriad of colorful fish and see first-hand the giant clams of Aitutaki and the South Pacific; these clams are now protected in four separate reserves in the Aitutaki lagoon. Bone fishing is a thrill all its own - although we don't eat the fish they are truly a rush to stalk and catch. Fishing for pelagic species outside of the Aitutaki lagoon offers up Yellow Fin Tuna (Ahi), Dorado (dolphin fish), Wahoo, and array of jacks and snapper. Bring some of your catch back and perhaps we will make you some sushi or special fish dishes. At Matriki we practice fishing conservation - never kill what you can't eat in a few days, and never kill billfish.
The local Aitutaki scuba diving operators will safely show you some of the Cook Islands best diving; they are safe, reliable, and very knowledgeable. Matriki has hobies for hire, sail the Aitutaki lagoon and discover what all the fuss is about for yourself. Your hosts are always there to answer questions, take you on tours, sailing adventures, fishing trips, and more.















Dreaming of a Cook Islands vacation?

Aitutaki will fill your days with sun, sand, and beaches. Aitutaki is Known as the Cook Islands vacation island and offers up spectacular beaches, and crystal clear turquoise waters. Matriki lets you enjoy this environment normally reserved for the more affluent travel by providing Aitutaki accommodations at budget prices.

We are located on the same stretch of Aitutaki beach as the other more costly accommodations.

See what our guests have to say about a Matriki Cook Islands vacation!












































































































































































































Aitutaki Photos
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 Map and aerial view

        of Aitutaki.

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7th January 2016

Happy New Year! What a beautiful place to see in 2016. Aitutaki has been everything we have ever dreamed of.

I've never seen water so blue in my life! The snorkelling is amazing as soon as you step into the water. We spent our days standup paddling, eating fruit and riding our scooter around the island.

We even had time to get engaged on maungapu summit! Watching the villagers dance during the New Year Koni round and hearing the locals sing together at Church on sunday were just some of our highlights.

We love our little beach hut and are sad to leave. On to new adventures!

~Dani & Tommy. Canberra, Australia.

It's quite a challenge to put into words what a special place Matriki is. I spent 3 weeks there in February 2015 and stayed in the Reef Hut, but had a little jaunt in the Treehouse too as I extended my stay a number of times. A lot of thought and care has been put into the design of Matriki - from showers that let you look up at the stars, to the colourful hand-painted huts. Matriki is also cared for, loved and maintained to an immaculate standard by Tracey and Trevor, the managers. The beach is combed daily, huts and porches are kept clean with pride, the resident cats are friendly, your wee kitchen has everything you need. Fall asleep to the sound of the wind in the coconut trees, or rain hypnotically drumming on your hut roof (I was there in rainy season, but there wasn't much of it!),to the relentless roar of the ocean on the outer coral, the lazy lap of the lagoon on the beach. I'm not sure you'd hear all this from within the 4* resort next door. I'm not really sure what you get for your money at these resorts other than air con. The loos are outside (unless you're staying in the Garden) which means you get stuck on your way there gawping at the milky way after dark. I thought it might be spooky doing this at night but Aitutaki feels so safe, it's quite the opposite. I'm sure it's not a coincidence that magical Matriki attracts some wonderful, interesting, down to earth guests. What else? The Matriki snorkeling tours are divine and personal. Learn how to smash open coconuts. Walk straight into the lagoon from Matriki and see all manner of tropical fish within metres! Rent bikes or scooters. Barbecue access. General Aitutaki tip - if you're tasty take LOTS of mosquito repellent and consider befriending someone tastier than you for protection ;o) Sorry for the long review.

Kate Fenton

23rd Feb 2015
Words cannot describe the lovely community vibe here and how it enriches the beauty of the surroundings.
Sunset chats, BBQ, snorkelling, swimming, laughing…….Tracey & Trevor are the most special people, laid backspectacular hosts. Also Trevor’s cooking is TOP NOTCH!.
Don’t miss one of the boat outing days. Be back soon!
Heather & Simon…….Melbourne, Australia.

April 16   Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation
OOOH - You're torturing us. The slideshow is fantastic - and the mural on the treehouse is not bad either.

We had such a terrific time there at Matriki I feel I should be warning people off going for fear they're likely to feel restless and unsettled for the rest of their lives, once they've had a taste of how life can be. Aitutaki airport should replace the Kia Orana sign (do they have one?) with "take care all those who enter here"' or " enter at your own peril" or something similar. It's a dangerous place and there's no escaping that.
Great to see the fish are biting Fred - but a shame you only have the tiddlers and throw-backs in the show - still I guess they must have made good live bait... As I said when we there - You've just gotta come to Australia!... 

You were both so warm and kind to us when we were at Matriki we are way overdue to write and thank you - but then you have seriously ruined our lives. All is well here - well apart from the expensive therapy sessions etc but we are beginning to pull through - well that is until the damned slideshow arrived...  

Warmest best wishes from us both,

Tim and Chris , Australia


8-29 March 2010
Matthias! You have managed to create the paradise here on Aitutaki, this beautiful island in the Cook Islands. I and Mikael have had the most lovely and beautiful time in our life, and to wake up every morning with this picture is amazing.
And Matthias, you are a lovely person and a great host and to all of you aiming to Matriki, you will never forget. The snorkeling tour with Matthias is amazing and the food he make is unforgotten ...we did it twice!
We have now been here for two and half weeks and should stay 5 more days and we are already sad to leave. This beach hut is the best home a 'man' can get. If we could we have taken it with us home to Sweden....we have been traveling a lot but never had this experience, this is the best, outstanding!
And Matthias, may the sun always shine on you wherever you lay your hat....maybe we meet again-

"One love" Mikael & Maria Xorigue, Sweden


    26th March to 8th April 2010

  Holiday – wedding – honeymoon – where to begin to describe the amazing time we have had staying at Matriki? It felt like visiting an old friend - we’ve loved staying in our little garden hut!

  Of course getting married before sunset on Matriki beach under the beautiful archway that Nga made for us with Matthias our witness (thank you!), the wonderful friends from around the world we have made whilst we’ve been here- sharing stones and photos- searching for and finding the elusive giant clam in front of Matriki – Matthias and Simon fixing up the little catamaran for our ‘honeymoon voyage’ into the lagoon to explore the islands and snorkel off the sandbank – our fantastic trip to the lagoon with Matthias to some ‘secret spots’ filled with colourful clams and cute cleaner wrasse- BBQ, great food, guitar playing and star gazing by the fire.

  Thank you for all these special memories and no doubt we will stay it touch with baby news!

   Love Simon and Sarah , NZ

   1-8 April 2010

 The only place to stay on the island! Really relaxed, personal, nice guests, great boss/captain/island guru aka Matthias – in a nut shell great vibe that marked the highlight of our ATW trip after 8 months. The overnight ‘survivor’ island trip, night snorkelling, the guitar jams, the wedding & party: so many great memories in such a short time.We sure keep this special place and people in our hearts!

  So Dankeschoen for a great great great time!

   Peter and Els (Austria/Holland)


Feb 18   budget  Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation,

Well, we're back home (sadly) after our wonderful adventure but full of memories which will stay with us forever. Liz and I were discussing highlights of our 2 months away and you guys made the number one spot, especially the day out snorkelling. You should know that you're not just providing Aitutaki accommodation and boat trips but wonderful experiences which create lasting bonds for couples and we shall certainly never forget our time at Matriki. I'm sorry that we never had the chance to go fishing but who knows, maybe we'll be back.

Best wishes
Andy and Liz Ball



Jan 20  budget Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation,
What a fantastic time we both had staying in the Lower Treehouse. Beds are really comfy & kitchen well equipped! The lagoon cruise is a ‘must do’ while you stay here. Matthias brings you to the best snorkeling spots. The lagoon is the absolute epitome of paradise! You cannot capture its beauty in a postcard! Also a fantastic evening of fishing was had and the Yellow Fin Tuna that was caught was certainly a highlight. We both arrived on this island never having tasted tuna before and now, after a week, we’re all tuna’d out! Totally yum!

Thank you so much Fred and Kristene for being brilliant hosts while we were here.”
Lorna & Fergal Lyon, Ireland


Jan 20   budget  Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation,
I wanted to thank you for a great time while we were on Aitutaki. We felt so welcomed when we arrived and were sad to have to go. We definitely needed more than our 3 nights to see all of Aitutaki and it's beauty, as it's a true tropical paradise!
Matriki is in a great spot on the beach and our unit (the garden unit) had everything we needed, and was clean and tidy when we arrived.
The lagoon cruise was amazing!!! It was so cool to be able to go outside the reef, as well as inside, to see all the wonderful fish, corals, turtles and the other abundant sea life.  I would recommend this cruise to everybody who visits Aitutaki.

Thanks once again,
Alanna (Auckland, New Zealand)


Jan 25 budget  Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation,

 Never in my wildest dreams did I think Aitutaki, Cook Islands – anywhere in the world for that matter – could be this beautiful. This is really paradise. The Beachfront hut Aitutaki accommodation is in a great spot – every night I kept the door open so I could wake up to the view of the lagoon. Matthias's lagoon cruise was a fab day, really personal, great lunch, and I finally faced up to my fear of fish – the snorkeling was wonderful. Thank you Riki – great massage – Matthias + Keegan for helping to make this a trip I will never forget + hopefully will return some day.

Lou (UK/Sydney)


July 4-7 budget  Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation,

 Wow, this place is absolutely fantastic and our wildest dreams and expectations more than fulfilled!! This place has a dream location and the tree house Aitutaki accommodation a wonderful charm. It’s just what we wanted. Life here is so peaceful and relaxed, – we truly hope to be back someday.
Many thanks from sisters Torill Dohl and Meret Dohl Rimer, Norway


June 21-28 budget Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation,

Like heaven on earth Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Right on the most beautiful beach. Awesome snorkeling, great coral life out there, fantastic trip with Matthias, the giant clams where amazing, pretty rough outside the reef but Dave still got in for a snorkel. If you want to go game fishing call up Mike & Mere – the neatest people. Dave caught 3 tuna. Everyone so friendly wherever you go. We tried all the restaurants + the one that hasn’t been mentioned is the Boatshed – awesome seafood platter for 2. Everything we had been told about this place is true and we will be back.
Dave and Gayle Richardson, Taumarunui N.Z.


June 19 budget Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation,

 Well I’ve read through all the comments in all three books (we stayed upstairs, downstairs and in the separate hut Aitutaki accommodation) and can join in the chorus of admiration for both Matriki and Aitutaki. Before we arrived we were told by Rarotongan locals that 9 days was way too long to spend on Aitutaki, Cook Islands – but they were wrong! We actually felt quite busy scootering around, eating hamburgers at Kuku’s, island night at Samade, rocking at the Coconut Crusher Friday night, hiking around the trails, snorkeling, swimming and lazing around. Of course a trip on the lagoon is a must. Absolutely beautiful.
See you again soon. Jessica and Dan, Toronto, Canada


June 11  budget Aitutaki accommodation , Cook Islands vacation,

 We stayed for 7 nights – apart from the lagoon, snorkeling off the islands, beautiful weather etc, we actually had a great group of people here at the time – BBQ feast with freshly caught tuna and chicken under the stars. Fed the leftovers to the hermit crabs. We should have spent more time here then on Rarotonga, because Aitutaki is truly the island paradise you are looking for.. Did Matthias's cruise – was worth it – more personal and not so touristy as the bigger boats. Loved the giant clams, rays and turtles, the little fish – the Aitutaki lagoon is like a big swimming pool. We love it here and will recommend it online

(don’t appear in Lonely Planet Guide). My friend the cheeky gecko will miss me and if that rooster is still here say hello from me. Thanks Matthias for being a host, not just someone you rent from.
Annemarie and Ian, Refugees from Sydney


May 29  budget Aitutaki accommodation, Cook Islands vacation,

We only spent 5 days here, 3 years ago – so this time we arranged 2 weeks, still not enough! Snorkeling on the reef here is the best on the island – apart from off a boat in the reserve. The trip with Matthias was excellent. After a couple of weeks the treehouse Aitutaki accommodation felt like home and we are sad to leave Aitutaki, Cook Islands.
Nora and John, Melbourne Aus


1 Feb  Aitutaki accommodation, Cook Islands vacation,

Before we came I was concerned that it would not be so completely idyllic as I imagined it to be from the website – I need not have worried, it has been fantastic, everything I hoped for and more. The snorkeling is great, the kayaking out at Outo is stunning and the game fishing ( went with Jason) was successful. Finally a big thanks to Matthias – the BBQ with all of us and the fish we caught was great.
Nick and Jenny Vince, Wales UK


26 May Aitutaki accommodation, Cook Islands vacation,

" We spent our honeymoon here for 7 nights and stayed in the upstairs part
of the tree house Aitutaki accommodation. I don't think that I have ever seen anything quite like
the set up at Matriki. The Aitutaki accommodation are designed to give you maximum exposure to
the beautiful surroundings that is Aitutaki, Cook Islands but are still eco- friendly and
sustainable. By day you are surrounded by coconut trees, hens, roosters and
cats, on a beautiful stretch of beach. And by night, you witness the "March
of the Hermit Crabs" and you make friends with resident Gecko's. It was the
perfect place to spend our honeymoon, Matthias was an amazing host, and our
friends were drooling in envy when we came back and showed them our

Anne-Maree Kreller & Ian, Sydney Australia

20 Feb. budget Aitutaki accommodation, Cook Islands vacation
  Thank you dear Riki and Matthias, for a lovely 8 days at Matriki Beach Huts on Aitutaki, Cook island. You have the most beautiful place on the beach on this island. It's perfect for snorkeling and relaxing. The beach huts Aitutaki accommodation are very nice. From the balcony we had a wonderful view over the reef and ocean and sunset. Thanks for what you did for us when the 2 cyclones Nancy and Olaf came. It was crazy and a great experience. We will never forget the Cook Islands and these 8 wonderful days in our life....
 Yvonne & Detlef, Munich, Germany

1 May. budget Aitutaki accommodation, Cook Islands vacation
  12 magic days of sun/sea/sand! (OK there was a bit of rain and wind too) Having spent 2 1/2 years visiting 8 countries in the South Pacific, I rate Matriki as # 1. The Robinson Crusoe huts are just perfect.... I could stay there for the rest of my life.
 Bob (NZ) & Barbara (Canada)
Part II  Barbara didn't want to write here, but keeps on saying "this is just an amazing place"

  10 July.  budget Aitutaki accommodation, Cook Islands vacation
  Absolutely loved our tree house; so peaceful and relaxing and a superb view of the Aitutaki lagoon and jumping fish. You'll be just as glad as we are that you chose Matriki and the Cook Islands; such a friendly, happy and helpful place. thanks for a truly enjoyable stay!
 Vicki and Paul  ( Surrey, UK)

  17 July. Aitutaki accommodation, Cook Islands vacation
  Loved the homely beach feel and such friendly hosts: you made this paradise even more perfect. Great atmosphere- we wish we had spent weeks here.
 Lloyd (Melbourne, Australia) & Merrielle (San Diego, USA)

  6th - 12th Aug.  budget Aitutaki accommodation, Cook Islands vacation
  Absolutely fantastic! What a place! It's been awesome chilling out in our Robinson Crusoe hut, swimming in the Aitutaki lagoon, looking at the stunning Cook Island views - we've loved it here.
 Dave and Chris (Cambridge, UK)


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